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20+ Before & After Pics That Show What Happens When You Stop Drinking

Changing your life around can be hard, especially when it means breaking an addition. However those who have done it will tell you it can make all the difference. The following stories of people who gave up alcohol show that while everyone’s reasons or journeys are different, the end goal is the same – a healthier life.

However, sometimes it is hard to measure ones progress on the path to change, but the before and after pictures on this list are solid evidence. Some people are unrecognizable in their after photos, showing just how big of an impact physically alcohol can have. Scroll down below for some truly inspirational tales!

#1 I Took The Picture On The Left Almost 17 Months Ago, Outside An Emergency Room, At Sunrise, Something Told Me I Didn’t Want To Forget That Moment. I Forget Easily. I’m Going Public With This Now Simply Because I Need To Advocate For Recovery More

#2 This Woman, Who Was Dropped Out Of School At The Age Of 14, Battled Alcoholism And Depression To Become An A&E Doctor 15 Years Later

#3 After A Decade Under The Influence And Not Taking Care Of Myself, I Am 3 Weeks Away From 1 Year Of Sobriety. 50 Lbs Lighter And A New Job Doing What I Am Passionate About. Life Is Much Better And I Definitely Enjoy It Now

#4 I Gave Up Alcohol When My Daughter Turned 1. I’m 5 Years Sober Today

#5 Left Is Me In The ICU From An Overdose. Decided I Was Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired And Am 6 Months Clean And Sober Today

#6 Lost 105 Lbs In 15 Months. First I Quit Drinking. Three Months Later I Changed My Diet (Cut Carbs And Portion Control). Finally, About 12 Months Of Working Out. Change Is Possible No Matter What Your Age Is

#7 1 Year Without Drinking

#8 A Little Over A Year Ago. I’d Had Most Of A Box Of Wine Earlier In The Day And Then Drank Around 12oz Of Whiskey On Stage (Stand Up Comedy) In Front Of A Crowd. Currently, Almost A Year Sober

#9 One Year Of No Alcohol Has Changed My Life. I Lost 53 Pounds And I’m 1000 Times Happier. I Tried To Recreate My Bloated Pic

#10 11 Months Sober And Life Has Never Been Better. I’ve Lost 20kg!

#12 So Proud Of My Brother. Celebrated One Year Of Sobriety And Also Being One Person Lighter. Just Awesome

#13 10 Years. Sobriety. Good Support Network. And A Firm Dedication To Being The Superhero My Dog Thinks I Am

#14 I’m Coming Up On My First Year Of Sobriety. It’s Crazy What A Difference A Year Can Make

#15 My Recovery Progress Makes Me Smile. 4+ Years Of Sobriety Transformation

#16 Before And After 307 Days Sober

#17 Doesn’t Seem Like Much To Some But 100 Days With No Alcohol. Don’t Let Fear Of Judgement Get In The Way Of A Better Life

#18 The Progression Of Sobriety. 24 Hours/1 Year. One Day At A Time

#19 Just Found A Old Picture Of Me On FB. I’m About 9 Months Sober From The Time It Was Taken

#20 What A Year Of Sobriety And 60 Pounds Lost Looks Like

#22 On The Left – 2009 During A 6 Month Relapse After I Left My Daughter’s Dad And Tried To Convince Myself That Without Him, I Didn’t Have An Addiction. On The Right – 2017 After Celebrating 7 Years Of Sobriety, Dropping The Weight, Accepting My Body, Exploring My Sexuality And Thriving In The Uniqueness That Makes Me, Me

#23 Lost 170 Lbs In 18 Months. Sobriety, Diet, And Exercise Have Paid Off

#24 2,5 Years Of Sobriety And Powerlifting

#25 One Year Sober!

#26 Today I Am Three Years Sober. This Is Day 1 After Being Assaulted And Last Week. It’s A Huge Relief To Know I Don’t Have To Drink Anymore

#27 By The Grace Of God… I’ve Made It 4 Years. My Past Made Me Who I Am But I’m Never Looking Back. This Mugshot Was A Painful Reminder Of Despair

#28 On The Left: 1-4 Bottles Of Wine A Week… Dayum, There’s A Lot Of Full Coverage Foundation On That Mug. Eeeek. On The Right, 9 Months Later: Lots Of Infused Water, Bb Cream & Some Contour/Blush. The Difference: Sobriety

#29 What A Difference 10 Months Can Make. I Quit Drinking, Started Working Out, Got Divorced, Moved 1000 Miles By Myself, And Started A New Business. Happier And Healthier Than I’ve Been In A Long Time

#30 The Beauty Of Living Life Sober Is Most Of My Struggles Today Are Based Around Amazing Blessings In My Life. Career Decision Struggles (But I Have Multiple Streams Of Income), Parenting Struggles (But I Have A Beautiful Baby Girl) And Struggling To Find My True Purpose In Life (But I’m Finally Asking Myself The Question And Pursuing Passions)

#32 One Month Sober From Alcohol And Drugs

#33 Celebrating Four Years Sober

#34 July 2017 Vs January 2018. 120 Lbs Vs 160 Lbs. Depressed Vs Happy. Getting Sober Is The Best Thing I’ve Done

#35 One Year Sober From Pills And Alcohol

#36 Over 2 Years Clean And Sober

#37 I Quit Drinking, Went Vegan And Started Running. Oh, And My Eyebrows Improved Too

#38 6 Months Dry. I’ve Got My Eyes Back. Before Pic About A Year Ago

#39 Just Over 2 Years Ago Now I Quit Drinking. Put Simply – It Changed Everything

#40 Friend Of Mine Got Sober And Went From Looking Like Frank Gallagher To Matt Damon

#42 On The Left I Was At The Lowest Point In My Life. On The Right I Am 3 Months And 22 Days Clean And Sober

#43 I Remember Being So Annoyed With Myself Waking Up Every Damn Saturday Morning Hungover And Bailing Out On The Gym – And One Day, I Stead Of Saying “F*ck Itâ€, Everyone’s About To Meet A New Cass

#44 Twenty Months Of Sobriety

#45 One Year Sober And Being Healthier. I Feel More Like Myself Than I Have In Years

#46 30 Months Without A Drink, And 2000 Miles Ran! I’ve Never Looked Like This

#47 I’ve Been Sober A Year Today And A Lot Has Changed! It Started With Quitting Drinking, Then Off Antidepressants, Bought A House, Quit Smoking, Started Working Out, And Now Going Back To School! If You Want To Know What Your Future Looks Like, Look At The Decisions You Are Making Today

#48 I Quit Drinking And Taking Pills All Together (Been Sober Almost 4 Years Now) I Started My Own Online Workout, Nutrition And Coaching Business To Help Other Women Make A Positive Change In Their Life Too

#49 I’m A Year Sober

#50 Sober And 20 Lbs Re-Gained

#52 8 Months Clean And Sober

#53 Lost 16 Lbs In 80 Days. IF And No Alcohol

#54 5 Months Sober And Many More To Come

#55 6,5 Months Of CICO, Sobriety And Running

#56 500 Days Sober. 1 Year Of Lifting Weights

#57 It’s Been More Than 5,5 Years Since I Gave Up Drinking Alcohol For Good! Finding The Raw And Vegan Lifestyle Helped Me Stay Sober Once I Took The Decision. To Kick A Bad Habit You Have To Replace It With A Good One!

#58 My Worst Day Sober Is Better Than My Best Day Drinking

#59 It Simply Amazes Me When I Look Back At Old Pictures To See What Was And Find So Much Gratitude For What I Have And Who I Am Today


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